Rules & Regulations

  1. No food or drink allowed on the ice.
  2. No racing during public sessions.
  3. Sk8ing across traffic & cutting in front of other sk8ers is prohibited.
  4. Carrying people or articles on the ice is not allowed.
  5. Sk8ers may not enter the ice until the Zamboni doors are closed.
  6. Sk8ers must leave the ice promptly @ the end of a session before resurfacing begins.
  7. Children must have parental supervision at all times.
  8. Good sports only allowed.
  9. Gallo has zero tolorance for unruly behavior from players, coaches, & fans alike.
  10. Deposit trash in receptacles provided throughout the arena.
  11. Sk8s must be worn while on the ice.
  12. Sk8 guards must be worn upstairs.
  13. Report all incidents to the Shift Supervisor on duty.